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Complete PMA Kits


Now offering the COMPLETE swap kit. Hugh’s High output PMA Kit.Alright gang, you already know you need to swap over to the Permanent Magnet Alternator on your XS650. Want more information on why? Click here..

I’ve had alot of request to assemble complete kits, to avoid confusion of buying wrong parts and paying shipping on 3-4 items. This is a Major Bonus to my overseas customers who are having a hard time finding all the small parts for the swap.

Plus, it is all new AND higher quality than used stock stuff. Higher output and better built.

Stator/Magneto + Flywheel  + Regulator/Rectifier + Plate = Awesome.

Do your research when purchasing a PMA system, and you’ll find we are the best on the market.


Only 2 left in stock (backorders allowed)

Product Description

XS650 Permanent Magnet Alternator Conversion

Complete PMA Kit Includes:

Steps it up with a High Output 200W System

  •         The quality exceeds the OEM equipment.
  •         Highest grade materials
  •         Highest grade copper windings

High Quality Regulator/Rectifier:

  •     Solid State Construction
  •     Plug-and-play, direct fit
  •     Improved heat sink and charging capabilities

NEW High Output Stator :

This new stator is built with the highest grade lamination materials and the copper windings are triple insulated for maximum reliability. To ease installation we supply it with new connectors and wire sleeving.

NEW Flywheel :

Fully encased magnets provide a lifetime of trouble free operation.  This Flywheel has stronget magnets than a stock Banshee Flywheel and will provide a higher output in low RPM operation

NEW Stator Mouting Plate :

Machined and ready to bolt in, no need to modify a used one (if you can find one of course)

NEW 3 Phase Regulator :

3 Wires in, 2 out (Battery + and -)   Super simple wiring, will mount in the stock location as well.

NEW PMA Swap Kit :  Hardware included!

NEW Timing Sticker:   Keep that XS650 in proper time, and use our sticker to replace the timing marks when converting to a PMA

*NEW PMA Flywheel Puller:  Keep this handy, in order to service the crank seal or if the PMA system ever needs maintenance or repairs.


*Free Flywheel Puller available while supplies last – may not always be in stock or available.


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Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 7 in


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